Friday, September 30, 2011

Priest Summoner Profile

Drawn on the day of 9-29-11
at 20th and Valencia
with Estella

Friday, September 23, 2011

Disintegration and Emergence of Flux

Coming back to the spot I was drawing at yesterday, I had initially found some damage to the design. Roughly a quarter of it had been washed away (?) but I liked the effect and proceeded with filling in shapes. If anything, it emphasizes the temporary nature of the medium, and the eroding process.
Though not totally satisfied with this design, it came out fairly well, and I received a lot of compliments and thanks from people. The space and the high amount of foot traffic make it a nice drawing spot, a sort of crossroads.

Mayan Priestess

The drawing from the evening of Thursday September 22 for the Mission poetry group.

Cornucopia of Flux

A drawing from the day Thursday, 9-22-11. Done at 18th and Church Streets, the NW corner of Dolores Park. With Chacon tagging along, I arrived in the early afternoon and had a good day of drawing. With newer tools and curves I was able to express more fully the star process. A hot beautiful day and a straining drawing. The nearby high school disgorged a crowd of students around mid day, and they all gaggled around the train stop for a while. The constant question from passersby, I have found, is: what does it mean? Working in a kind of intuitive way, I don't plan meaning or significance. Chacon suggested that it might represent the seasons and nature. The central form did seem to resemble water, and the curvy outer forms do seem undeniably plant/nature like.