Friday, June 24, 2011

Auric Knight and Shapeshifter

A great day of drawing at Dolores Park. My lovely, amazing artist friend joined me at 18th and Church, a spot I have drawn at before. It is on the NW corner of the park, where there is a muni light-rail stop. It was a perfect summer day for drawing and good fun to introduce a friend to the chalk drawing milieu. Pride celebrations were ramping up in the park, and a steady stream of people came by our area. I drew a warrior figure riding a beast, possibly a character from the tarot series. She drew a beautiful woman's face with colorful fish making up the hair.

Staggered Asymmetrical Convergence

Chalk star drawn at 16th and Mission, Thursday evening, June 23, 2011. Utilizing the technique I think of as 'staggering' the lines in order to create these really interesting conjunctions of circles and scalene triangles.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Enmeshed Color Swordsman

A continuation and colorizing of the figure from yesterday.

Flowering Bloom Module

at 16th and Mission on the evening of 6-16-11

Savage Pale Swordsman

Drawn on the afternoon of 6-16-11 near the intersection of Cypress and 24th.
A quick sketch which I'm rather happy with. A study for a larger piece, where the figure is riding a strange beast.I'm trying to translate a complete image straight out of my head.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten Point Array

Drawing from the day of 6-10-11. At the entrance to Golden Gate Park, at Haight and Stanyan Street. A great day of drawing, perfect weather, and a favorite chalk spot. A friend came and set up her camera, recording the session for a time-lapse video.(Soon to follow.) Very exciting. A tiring day, lots of oddball characters and traveling types. Exhausting but worth it.

Amazonian Axial Queen

Drawn on the day of 6-9-11 near S. Van Ness. My first day off from work in days, and an excellent day to draw. Chacon tagged along with me and worked on a strange cartoony piece near me, while I worked on this winged woman warrior. The sun was lovely and we were working in an area with nicely textured sidewalk.
The day took an annoying turn when a belligerent, probably drunk guy kept walking by and muttering threats at us. I guess he wasn't happy with the wacky drawing Chacon was making near the entrance to his apartment building. It was apparent that he was just one of those angry people that goes around looking for a problem, and that anything we said to him would probably just stoke the anger, so we said nothing. Even as he was threatening violence. This upsets me a bit, since I abhor violence and conflict. And because this type of reaction is exceedingly rare. It was amusing when, towards the end of the session, Angry Drunk Idiot (Chacon referred to him as 'Goblin'!) was muttering away, and about 2 or 3 people walked by (as usual) who were really digging it. One lady said to him,'What, you don't like the colors?'. Around the same moment, a guy walked by and said 'I really enjoy it. Thank you.' We made a point of thanking the well wishers and ignoring Goblin.
People enjoying it and expressing their appreciation is the norm. If I were pondering this philosophically, I might call it the natural, necessary chaos element in the system, the black dot in the center of the white half of yin yang.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Huntress Reframed

A quick drawing done near 25th and Cypress.
A version of the 'Huntress' design I've done before.