Monday, May 31, 2010

Harmonic Portrait


An amusing day in the chronicles of chalk drawing.
Around noon the Forsley brothers arrived and we grabbed our gear and walked down towards the drawing spot.
It being close to the first of the month and move-out day for a lot of people, we kept seeing belongings left out on sidewalks. Walking down Capp street, we came across a sidewalk with a heap of books and things. I had been wanting some new sci-fi to read, so I grabbed a handful of books:

Larry Niven, "A Gift from Earth"
Larry Niven, "Crashlander"
Fred Saberhagen, "Berserker Man"
Isaac Asimov, "Second Foundation"
Brian W. Aldiss, "Helliconia Spring"
Robert Van Gulik, "The Haunted Monastery and The Chinese Maze Murders"
Anais Nin, "Cities of the Interior"

Cameron was stoked to find a plastic deer lamp, and Chris found some books, among them 'The Golden Man' by Phillip K. Dick.

Got into the drawing of the day, and it flowed well. I drew a woman's face with fanciful head crown, and an eleven-pointed crystal star.
Cameron drew a cartoonish pig face in hot pink colors.
Stopping for lunch, I grabbed a tasty turkey club and blueberry smoothy from a cafe on the next block. Yum.
A french girl with a ludicrous tan asked us to watch a glass coffee table but never came back for it. For a while, a neighborhood dude hung out with us. He was quite a burning man enthusiast and colorful local. His dog had a sort of prosthesis for its back legs involving two wheels and a harness. He had some curioso he was trying to sell, tiny pocketknives and ships in bottles. This in addition to the comix and things the Forsleys were selling.
Talked to a girl who tutors music. She had admired the last piece at the spot, the exploding/burning head.
Wrapped up toward evening when the fog and wind had arrived. It's fascinating to see the things that happen with meeting people. Kids and their parents admire the work, sometimes people will give me money randomly. Today a guy handed me a 24 oz beer.
It was a good day to draw, spent with friends.

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