Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stars and Word Geometry

Yesterday, 6-14, it was a project of creating geometric stars in different places. Each had a poetry quote running around the outside of it. The first was at the muni stop at the NW corner of Dolores park, at 18th and Church. A seven pointed base and two concentric circles. The quote: "When geometric diagrams and digits are no longer the keys to living things.."

The second was at the pet store location at Market and Dolores. A six pointed base and three concentric circles. More of an inverted star. The quote: "You are the messenger who opens mysteries that unfold forever, but avoids words "

Both are attributed to Novalis, 1800.


  1. How lucky SF is to have you there.

  2. Always enjoy seeing your beautiful works in chalk in my neighborhood! Great work.