Friday, January 28, 2011

Solar Furnace and Skeletal Bloom

Drawing from the day of January 27, 2011.
After heading up to the Haight area in the early afternoon with my friend Chacon, I found that the drawing I was intending to finish had been washed away. This would've been day 3 of the constructed Emperor face.
I decided to change locations, and moved to the Buena Vista park area, a sort of tree-filled hillock on one side of Haight. There was some sidewalk with nice texture, and it was an excellent day to enjoy the sun. A lot of passersby enjoyed the work.
Having no plans laid out, I just went ahead with a 'dragon tail' type flower design. I did something new with this one, and drew the base of the flower coming up out of a skull. I have never rendered a skull in chalk before, and this was a style I'd been pondering.
It was nice to get slices of pizza after a good day of drawing, slices of vegetarian with artichoke and sun dried tomato and one with potato and garlic.

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  1. You are a hero of mine. I really admire what you do.