Friday, August 19, 2011

Masque of Day and Autumn Star

2 pieces done on the days 8-18 and 8-19 in Monterey, CA. Done in the plaza next to East Village Coffee and Tea, at Washington and Pearl Streets.
The first, a standard geometric star, went pretty quickly. Ten points, no fill-in.
The second one is a freeform masquerade type design. Worked on something similar recently in Hayes Valley and wanted to work the idea a bit more. The townsfolk were overjoyed to have my art in their area again. I ran into a few friends on this brief trip and managed to fit in visits to the nearby pine forests and tidepools. It was quite refreshing to escape the city environment for a quick jaunt down the coast. My brother was nice enough to come take me to and fro. A nice break.

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