Saturday, June 30, 2012

Transfixed Orange Scepter

Drawing from the day of 6-29-12. An amusing day in the annals of the chalk archive. Continued and expanded on the site of the previous drawing at Dolores Park. I dig the layers of older material underneath in a more faded texture. I feel I have nearly beaten this particular one into the ground. A fair day weatherwise, a little cool and overcast at first, though it did warm up when the sun appeared. Got a bit of a late start, leaving at around 4:00 pm. Thrilled to have my bike fixed, I managed to get my drawing kit all strapped to me or the bike. The highlight of the afternoon: an old guy with dreads came upon the work and started to slowly pace around it, mumbling to himself. Continuously orbiting the star for a good hour or so! Like some kind of trance. Every once in a while he would yell, "Right On!! Soul Sister!". On the topic of scenery, Dolores Park's new upgrades include a lovely wind sculpture in the shape of a helix. After heading out for the day I couldn't resist stopping for an ice cream on Valencia. Yum. Orange Saffron on top and Brown Sugar Banana with Chocolate Chips. Next to the Xanth ice cream place there is a parklet with a plant sculpture I love in the shape of a triceratops.

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