Friday, December 14, 2012

Prismic Clockwork Kite

Drawn the evening of Thursday the 13th, 2012. A bit of a cold night. Left the drawing ruler at home, and hence, arrived at a design with some bad inaccuracies. For a while during the performing a loopy, bearish man with a goofy hat wandered into the circle and performed some amusing antics. Someone who doesn't have all their marbles, likely. At one point he pulled random trash out of his pockets; papers and bottle caps and sort of tossed them around the area. A long scroll of receipt paper floated around. Charlie wrapped it around himself like a necklace for a bit while reading a poem. Then, to my amusement, my musician friend Nic tore off a hunk of it and made himself a defacto headband. What a moment.

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