Sunday, August 30, 2009


Friday August 21st was the main event for the museum.
Myself and three other chalk artists created images for the event in the plaza next to Bubba Gump in Cannery Row. Each of us had to recreate one of the children's book illustrations that are in the show opening at the Monterey Art Museum. I recreated the illustration from "Rumplestiltskin" by Zelinsky.
It was excellent to have a setting such as this, and we each were given a tent over our drawing space and plastic chain stanchions to designate the area. It was an exhausting day. I had chosen the most complex of the images (enjoying the challenge) and the other artists finished theirs way before me.
A lot of tourists milled around, watching and taking pictures. The weather was perfect. I believe I worked on this one from about 1030 to about 630, with some breaks inbetween.
I had intended to do more to add a distinctive flourish to the piece; possibly by making the girl's outfit more elaborate, yet just recreating it as-is was difficult enough for the time frame.

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