Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wall Flowers

On Saturday August 22nd I participated in the 'Sand City West End Celebration', an art and music event where the West End blocks are closed off for the party.
It is a nice social gathering, re-connecting with locals and other artists I know. I didn't bring any art to display this year, as I had the previous two years.
Instead I was contracted to do chalk drawing for the event.
I was given a wall to draw on along Ortiz Avenue, very central in the layout. I don't usually draw on walls with this medium, but it was a fortunate occurence that day. I was so tired and strained from the previous two days of drawing that using the vertical surface instead of hunching over the pavement was a nice alternative.
After looking over the wall I decided on one of the more basic floral forms. The construction of the wall, with numerous cracks between the cinder blocks would make any kind of detail very problematic. It turned into an 'audience participation' work, with kids and people who passed by picking up chalk and adding to it.

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