Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Clouds and Face

From 12-15-09

With a big bin of chalk that had been left out in the rain, I started blending colors and ended up with this swirling collection of lines.
The messy, clumpy nature of wet chalk is definitely a change of pace. With the consistency of paste, and spreading and blending more like paint, experimenting with this mode was intruiging.


  1. I saw one of your works in SF. When I saw your work, I was thinking about if it could stand the wash of rain. It was a pity that I only stayed few days. I was wondering how your works would look like after rain and a long time. Will them look like this one?

  2. The weathering process is a fascinating, alchemical aspect of this that is so much fun to watch. Left alone, the chalk sort of fades away after about 6 weeks. Rain will wash it off completely if its a large amount of rain, all at once. If it is only light rain or misty, it will smudge it and blur the colors together.