Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gradient Lion

From the afternoon of 1-6-10.
Got a great drawing session in today. The first chance I've had to draw in dry weather in weeks and I've been feeling the abscence.

This piece, as with the last, made use of wet chalk from the bins that had been left outside in the rain. The muddy, pasty texture of the saturated pieces calls to mind finger painting as a kid.
Its a study of another one of the lion statues of ancient persia that I like. Working in the middle of the day was beneficial, making use of the little bit of sun that was available. The rest of the day was overcast and it got pretty chilly towards the end.

This was at the location at 20th and Valencia that I like. Recently, the cracked sections of sidewalk there, on the border of the zipcar lot, had been redone. It almost seemed that the new layout of sidewalk squares was arranged neatly for chalk murals. The panel in the center called to me!


  1. I own a store on 20th between Mission and Valencia (the beekeeping store), and I always love walking home and seeing your drawings on 20th. They make me very happy. I am glad I saw this post, and found out who to thank. So - Thanks!