Friday, January 8, 2010

Lotus Hue

This is a quick one from earlier today, Jan 8, 2010.
In support of a friend's store opening I did some mural work as promotion. The store is on 21st and Valencia and is called 'Viracocha'. (One of the names for the feathered serpent god in south america.)
The official opening will be around the 15th or 16th. The store will be art and antiques by day and performance by night.
Spent a few hours drawing this lotus shape in front of the space, and a couple friends with me added their own sections. Great fun. It was a little bit difficult as locations go for being directly on Valencia street with a lot of foot traffic. I had to be constantly aware of being in peoples' way, and the passage of baby strollers smeared the work a bit.
It is an exciting venue for art and activities and everyone is looking forward to the scene percolating there.

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