Friday, March 15, 2013

Avatar-King and Bird-Dragons' Destruction

****************************The evening of March 14, 2013 in the environs of San Francisco, California. The meeting of minds at the meeting of Mission Street and 16th Street. Upon arriving at the usual 'plaza', I was able to get an hour or so into my chalk drawing, one I had been formulating in my head, and was going pretty well. The idea was a 'mechanical/geometric' face with two phoenix/quetzalcoatl-ian creatures forming a wreath around his head. A loose circular shape. I was enjoying the 'popiness' of the colors in their bright neon angles. Then, to my suprise, the city power-washing crew shows up. "Power washing the plaza. Just doing our jobs." The area definitely needs daily washing. Usually they come later in the evening, after we've left. So this was quite an occurrence, visually. An alchemical eruption in the meeting of hydrology and calcium carbonate. The immediate dissolution of the chalk matrix. A bit annoying to not be able to finish a piece I was getting into. Right in the middle of a promising design; mid-flow. After the washers got into their truck and left, I formed the basic 'single' circle. In another first, I had my poet friend Gallagher stand on the circle device with one foot while he performed a poem for the group. A chalk circle done on the fly!

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