Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dragon's Head Color Continuum

******************************Drawn the day of Friday, 3-29-2013. Dolores Park, San Francisco, California. I feel like this one almost killed me. In combination with drawing chalk the evening before and playing hackysack (with out stretching first) for the first time in many months, the long grueling day proved to be a bit much. My back has been a bit sore but I'm returning slowly to normal. The day of this drawing a small group of latin high school toughs were smoking and drinking 4Loco on the steps next to me. Later, after they dispersed, one of them was stumbling around on the bridge and made that odd gargling noise as he hurled. I enjoyed the design of this one. The idea was that it was a recast of the 'Ouroboran Lizard Self Defense' piece but I didn't really have a chance to do the full treatment. I had planned to draw an indication of the lizard's other hand.

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