Friday, January 2, 2015

Morphic Mothswarm Pilot

1-1-2015. Still alive. A fun new year's day celebration. A smallish group but well-founded. The taqueria was closed. Oh No! This one inevitably fell into the OhCrapItsTooBig category. I sometimes start with a small drawing on paper I'm trying to 'transcribe' on the pavement...not an easy thing to do, even for a badass like myself (ahem) But there typically comes a point where I look down and say, like, 'crap, if the hand and arm are this size, then the rest of its gonna be huge!' Hence, the gigantic wingspan. And due to running late, only the white for this one, no time for color, which I really would have liked. Plus the little star above her head could have been developed a bit more. Figures tend to be some of the hardest to draw accurately, since everyone knows what they look like and if they're a little bit off they look totally wrong or unreal. Gotten to really enjoy the challenge of re-creating a small thumbnail drawing, large and flat on the ground. When I look at the proportions and see it's a bit off, I am a bit bothered but the overall effect is satisfying. The experience of standing over a design changes the perception of it. Only got a handful of photos before the battery died. Hopefully some additional photos will arrive.

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