Saturday, September 5, 2009

Angel and Scarab

On 8.24.09 I finished some art comissioned by 'Inspired', a Salon/Day Spa in Monterey, CA.

I wasn't given any specific request, and didn't have a specific plan.

It was fun to do a bit of improvising as well as retreading a proven design.

On one side I drew a large egyptian type scarab beetle. Very colorful and with nice blends. In front of the door, on the other side, a sort of angel woman with her arms spread in welcome, and a large orangish lotus blossom in front of her. Small swarms of butterflies released from each hand.

At one point, 2 police cars showed up. The cop was nice enough. We talked for about 5 minutes. He said someone had called in that I was "vandalizing the area with chalk". This offends me a bit, as what I do is art, not 'vandalism'. To me, vandalism implies specific property damage, breaking things, scratching up walls, things like that. What amazed me is that, yes, whoever it was saw me understood that it was chalk, and still called it in. I remarked to the cop how upset people can get over temporary artwork. He told me of a couple other calls they have gotten which were ridiculous. (One: some one calls in to complain about transients sleeping on the lawn of Colton Hall. 'Can't you get them to move along?' When in point of fact they have a constitutional right to be there! Another: someone calls in and complains about the Mexican flag hanging at the bus plaza!)

So they show up, because they are legally obligated to when they are called; they see what is happening, and they leave.

A couple people seemed very interested when I was working there, and stopped to talk to me. (stopping their cars and getting out, actually) One seemed like a possible business contact. This happens regularly. I actually enjoy chatting with people who stop and look about art and the various permutations it leads to. I find this a little unusual sometimes, ....talking to people in an unfiltered way. Simply because its about art, a favorite topic.

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