Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prince of Wands

Today I started a new piece at a favored spot along Market St. The corner of 15th and market St. was the site of a large mural I made in July; one which lasted about a month and a half. I decided to reuse the spot with a similar subject. The previous work was of the Knight of Cups: a figure on horseback, with the accesories of war yet having a calm demeanor.

The new one is again a figure on horseback, but this one is a bit more agressive in nature. He holds a large spear in one hand, and has an ambiguous, pan-cultural style. (While I was working on it, someone asked, 'Hawiian or Aztec?'. Later someone asked, 'is it Genghis Khan?'. I try to never give definite answers to these. I relish the murky origins, which ease the way for the archetype manifesting.

I worked on it today, 9-15, from about 1230 to 5, and managed to finish the outline. The next couple of days should be enough to complete the colors.

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