Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moon Priestess

From 7-13-09

I had a nice day of drawing on Haight street in mid July of this year. After meeting up with my crazy artist friend Cameron, we took the bus from Mission to the entrance to Golden Gate Park, where Haight street meets Stanyan. It was an excellent spot; I made good use of it's geography. The place I'd picked to draw was along the centerline formed by the middle of Haight street meeting the symetrical entrance to the park. It felt like I was lapping up at the enery of this axis, a laser beam pointing along the symetrical current. It was a nice, spacious area to draw, and being a nice day in the middle of the summer, there were tons of people.

It took all day to finish my outline and do the skin tones, and at the end of it I was rather satisfied, and excited about the next step. The figure had emerged cleanly, and the complexity of the symetrical forms on her dress had an extravagant effect.

Some folks in the area were nice enough to buy us drinks and some food. We listened with amusement to one guy among them whose tall tales just kept getting taller and taller. It went from driving a limo and meeting rock stars (plausible) to being buddies with Andy Warhol (stretching it pretty badly) to (I kid you not) multiple encounters with alien species who played games of basketball against each other. (Hey, who knows...)

I was looking forward to finishing the coloring of it the next day, but it was not to be. Upon arriving, most of my work had been shmooshed somehow. Fortunately, I had taken numerous pictures.

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