Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Luna Progress

I will be trying to get up to speed by posting the backlog of photos from the projects of the last few months. This one was fun, if exhausting, and got a good response from the passersby and the people in the neighborhood. It took up a large area and had some complex color effects. I worked on it from 8-1 to 8-3 of this year. I will post the photos of the work in progress and then another post for the finished piece.I had noticed this site in the course of scouting around: on the corner of Market and Dolores, a nice expanse of sidewalk. A nice mural site for the amount of foot traffic and it's central location, yet a little of to the side so that it wasn't directly in peoples' way. In front of a pet store.I have been trying to get a working image for the tarot figure of 'the moon'. It has been a devilishly difficult card to figure out. This attempt, though it had a nice result, didn't really hit the mark. The woman seems calm and patient, pleasant. The card for the moon is a fairly sinister card. It suggests madness, hysteria, illusion, sorcery. I met and talked to a number of different folks in the course of working on this one: an employee at the pet store, families, various street characters and artists.

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