Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shield Maiden Tempered

On the day of 9-27

On the final day of this piece I collaborated with my drawing friend Estella
and we managed to build a more balanced composition of it.
We got to an early start, and while I finished the process of polishing and refining the colors, she arranged the plant vines on either side of the figure. I suggested eyeballs hanging from the vines, and I think the overall effect is intruiging.
The addition of the plant forms in a circular pattern behind the figure does much to complete it, particularly as it is asymetrical.
At the risk of redundancy I will post the final images of this mural. On the final day of drawing it seemed to me that this warrior woman, though regal, is a woman of action. A pirate queen perhaps. The stocky arms suggest someone who is athletic and active. She would be the one to swing onto a ship from a rope; the first one over the edge with a grappling hook...

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