Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knight of Cups Conception

I will be posting some images of a beautiful mural I did over the days 7/7 to 7/10.
This one just came out as magic, somehow. It signalled a new direction, a new refinement of line and form. There is elegance to this one that I do not always manage to capture.
I had been thinking about this picture I had seen, in an old art magazine from Pakistan, left from my grandparents, who had lived in many countries in the 50's and 60's. It was printed in 1962, and it is such a bizarre artifact. The graphic design of the advertisements! Amid looking at Pakistani Cubism and dinosaurs battling, there was an article about taking rubbings on paper of the carved tombs of the necropolae. Chaukhundi tombs, in lower Sind. There was a carved figure on horseback which fascinated me. I particularly liked the 'ropey' style of the horse; a convention well suited to it's carved medium, and to chalk.
I envisioned this figure as an outline for a composition. After looking at the images I cobbled together a composite sketch using an older tarot study. I wanted to show the progression here.
The first day I arranged the outline. It was a large, complex outline and I think it came out beautifully. Its so satisfying to have a rendering come out right on target from the smaller sketch. My old friend Stacy had met me and hung out for a while as I worked. It was fun, and for its challenges. When I can easily slip into 'drawing mode', in a state of pondering, looking at shapes , letting things flow...
The corner area of Market and 15th has a wide sidewalk area under some trees. The spot is excellent but very windy.

The figure, though he has the gear of a knight, has a peaceful feeling, soft. The sword is sheathed. His shield, a seashell. Armor, possibly? Is it a man or woman? Is it Hindu?, people asked. Native American? The cups are water and emotion. This card sometimes represents the beginning of a spiritual quest. The least fierce of the Knights.

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